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Here at Horse Connection we teach compassionate equitation while learning correct riding skills to be able to ride English or Western. Every student is asked about their riding goals and lessons are catered to them individually.  All beginners start in private lessons. Children 4-7 generally do well in half hour lessons. Students 8 and up will want an hour lesson to learn to halter, lead, tack and groom their horse before and after their lesson and generally get up to 45 minutes of actual ride time. At Horse Connection all ages and abilities can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of riding horses. *Please specify if you or your child has a disability and we can discuss setting up an evaluation to begin therapeutic riding lessons.

Physical Benefits

  • Improved balance, strength, range of motion

  • Improved coordination/motor skills, faster reflex

  • Improved respiration/circulation

  • Sensory integration​

Psychological Benefits

  • Sense of well-being

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Improved risk-management abilities

  • Emotional control, self-discipline

Social Benefits

  • Friendship

  • Interaction with others, animals, nature

  • Development of respect for animals

  • Improved social skills (one-on-one/group)

Educational Benefits

  • Proven to increase remedial reading, math and science skills

  • Greater listening skills and focus

  • Sequencing, patterning, motor planning skills

  • Visual and spatial perception/differentiation

  • Improved eye-hand coordination

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